The Shevitsa company has been registered in the Blagoevgrad regional court since December 1992. Jordan Simonski is the creator and manager of the firm. It deals with the organized production of print and souvenir advertisementmore specifically advertising office, artistic decoration of business and municipal ceremonies, banners, billboards, and the manufacturing of all kinds of flags.

Most of the production is related to the creation of national costumes, table-cloths, Bulgarian embroidery and souvenirs. This is an activity that perpetuates the long Bulgarian traditions, an activity that is inspired by the rich folklore and ethnographic heritage, by the customs, narrating the way of life of our predecessors, who have re-created the eternal pursuit of elegance and beauty.

The process of creating national costumes is unique. It is incredible to model the male and female clothing out of the colorful rugs and carpets, shirts and dresses, in which the shades of nature and spiritual beauty of the unknown author. It all requires great attention, so that you can accurately sense the multitude of ornaments and the charming combination of colors in a multitude of variations, so that the costumes can be maximally similar to the authentic original. We work with natural materials, by hand or with specialized machines.

The specialists in the studios of the firm are professionals with years of experience and service, they are experts in hand-made embroidery, woolen braiding, needlecraft and sewing. We accept orders from all ethnographic regions. All we need is a picture or an authentic costume, on the basis of which the artists and designers in the firm will develop the project.