About us

Jordan Simonski is the creator and manager of the firm. He has graduated from the “Kliment Ohridski” High School, with focus on history and ethnography. For more than 35 years he has participated in the management and organization of the cultural activity of the Blagoevgrad region.

The firm participates in the organization of a number of cultural and mass events that take place in the Blagoevgrad area. For decades it has been a major organizer of the decoration, construction of scenes and their artistic framing for the traditional singing competition “Pirin Sings”.

We have also developed printing activity: numerous books, hundreds of posters, leaflets, everything related to the communication of firms, from the calling cards to the visual arrangement of the buildings; all kinds of objective or souvenir advertisements, different types of calendars, badges, etc.

We help create the artistic clothing of the world-famous “Pirin” ensemble, of the professional ensembles in Sliven, Bourgas, Dobrich, Pazadjik, “Severnqshki Ensemble” Pleven, the TV show “The Comocs”, of different Bulgarian and folklore formations. The costumes of “Shevitsa” complement the programs of the folklore ensembles of the community centers in Gotse Delchev, Hadjidimovo, Qkoruda and Yurukovo, Simitli, Gyrmen, Dybnitsa and Ognyanovo, Satovcha and Pletena, Bansko, Dobrinishte, Kremen and Mesta, Razlog, Bachevo and Banya; in the Petrich district—in the community centers in Petrich, Karnalovo, Qkovo and Skryt, Belasitsa, Strumyani and Mikrevo, Sansanski, Slave and Struma, Kjustendil, Nevestino, Konyavo, Sapareva Banya and Ovchartsi; in the community centers in the villages in the Samokov district—Govedartsi, Madjare, Alino, Beli Iskar, Belchin and Klisura, in the Sifia community centers and in the Mramor village. There are costumes made by us in Etropole, Ivaylovgrad, Vidin and Bregovo, the community centers in the Lovech district—Ugarchin, Drenovo, Kirchevo, Goran, Borislav village in the Pleven district, the United Children’s center in Petrich, “Vassil Levski” High School in Rousse, “Ivan Vazov” High School in Sopot, Babuk village in Silistra district, the High School in Berkovitsa, Elena, Veligrad.

The playful northern, rich in ornaments Dobrudja and Thracian costumes, the ornate shop and memorable Macedonian dresses are worn by the dancers of the Nevrokop ensemble of the favourite and famous Nikolina Chakardakova, the male folklore formation “Perun” from Razlog, the ensemble of Ilia Lukov, “Balgare” ensemble, the folk-singers Nadya Eftimova and Rumyana Popova, the formations in the USA of the famous folk-singer Tatyana Sarbinska, the folklore group “Kukeri” from Rousse, the ensemble of DNA Blagoevgrad, the “Atomic” ensemble at AEP Kozloduy, the student ensemble of the WSU Blagoevgrad, the “Arsenal” ensemble at Kazanlak, the American college in Sofia and children’s taverns all over the country. Most of the costumes of the youth formations in Blagoevgrad: Pirinche and “Pirinska Kitka”, “Detelin” in Pavel Banya, the ensembles at the specialized schools in Kotel, Pordim and the musical high school in Pleven are made in the studios of the firm. National costumes created by “Shevitsa” can be found in Japan, Belgium, USA, the “Bansko” tavern, Moscow, in Greece—in Athens, Kilkis, Seres, Drama, the Rhodes Island, in Macedonia—in Shtip, Delchevo and Berovo, in the Czech Republic—in Barno, in Spain, in New Zeland, Romania and Moldova.

The products of “Shevitsa” are a regular part of the national fair for folk art in Koprivshtica and the Traditional musical competition “Pirin Sings”.