The company Shevitsa possesses a wide catalogue of national costumes and embroideries with Bulgarian needlecraft. Along with the hundreds of national dresses we make tablecloths of different sizes out of linen (Panama Type) and Muline cotton strings. We work exclusively by hand.

The firm has a rich collection of traditional covers. So far we have presented them at specialized fairs in Russia, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, and USA. A large number of covers we used as present for famous people and delegations, visitors to Sofia and Blagoevgrad; a highly ornate beautiful tablecloth was given to the deceased tsaritsa Yoanna when she visited Bulgaria.

In Shevitsa we produce souvenirs from wood, copper, leather, plates, wall decorations, boxes, folders, thalers, etc.

We have developed the production of different types of flags with and without embroideryfor schools, businesses and sport.

We have organized the manufacturing of different types of print and material advertising materials and stage-property, assisting the activity of companies.

The company Shevitsa is well-known for the design with decoration and platform /personal mobile stage/ for the staging of cultural, political, sports, and municipal events.

During the last years the firm has succeeded in defending its position, and deserve its reputation as a professional and accurate partner.

Everyone, who has looked for the services of Shevitsa should fulfill only one requirementto have confidence in the capabilities of the firm.